SIR Foundation

Committed to Advancing the Future of Interventional Radiology (IR)

Through support of SIR Foundation’s mission, you are enabling powerful programs and making a difference in the lives of millions of IR patients worldwide. The SIR Foundation grants provide research investigators, from medical students to established practitioners, with essential funding to collaborate with renowned physicians and researchers on new procedures that will become tomorrow’s standard of care―and yield an impressive 25-to-1 return on investment via acquisition of external funding.

Additionally, SIR Foundation is a research incubator and resource provider in clinical trials, identifying research topics, organizing consensus panels and providing clinical trial planning grants to help bring more IR trials into fruition. The Foundation educates the public, providers, payers and policy-makers on the effectiveness of IR procedures through the creation of and maintenance of registries and other research efforts targeted to contributing Level 1 evidence.

The Foundation is also fostering the future of IR: medical student internships and awards attract the best and the brightest to IR, sustaining the specialty’s place in the vanguard of medicine.

Thank you for considering a donation to partner with us as we work to advance IR care.